How to consistantly win in a 1 vs 7 game in AOE II Conquerors Expansion? Settings: hardest, large map (8 players), black forest, starting from dark age, resource high, population limit 150.

Strategy (for players with some experience): (a)Choose Turk (for its bombard tower range), let the other 7 computer players be random; (b)Generate 13-15 villagers before going to Feudal age. Build houses (house wall) to block all entrances at the outer neck of the forest; (c)At Feudal age, build one tower behind each house wall, and then 3 layers of stone walls behind each house wall. Leave a little space between the stone walls which may create a traffic jam for the attacking enemy. Keep a close eye at the market, whenever the stone price goes below 100, buy stone. (d)At Castle age, build just one castle for research, save the stone for bombard tower. The enemy may start attacking you right now. Upgrade your wall to fortified wall to slow down enemies' attack. (e)At Emperior age, research all the techniques for improving accuracy and range of towers, build a size 8x3 bombard tower wall at a distance of the trebuchet's range behind each entrance (assuming that the enemy hasn't broken in). The wider side of the tower wall should face the entrance, and the wall must be packed tightly with bombard towers, with no space between the adjacent towers. (f)The first wave of enemy attack is very intense, you should prepare an army of light cavaries around 40-50 for emergency, in particular, for destroying enemies' trebuchets. When enemies' attack weakens, you can start building towers outside to support your own attack. It is easy to win at this stage.